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Why Us?

  • The best of manufacturing facility, raw material components and manpower come under one roof at Lotus
  • The guiding principles at Lotus are honesty, integrity and hard work. The core team ensures that these values are preserved and practised down the line
  • Clean room construction from non-particle shedding modular panels ensures air tight rooms, better insulation and ease of maintenance
  • The 15,000 square feet manufacturing area has a total of 20 class 10,000 clean rooms of varying sizes
  • Ultra modern facility, combined with well trained personnel, ensures consistent quality in manufacturing
  • Lotus, in consultation with DuPont, USA developed a unique, hermetically sealed aluminium peel-off pouch for packaging the entire range of synthetic absorbable sutures
  • The Andersen Sterilizer delivers precise moisture levels through a humidity chip and utilizes less than 1/6th of the EtO used by conventional sterilizers
  • At Lotus quality is never by accident it’s by design, using the Quality Management System (QMS). Every quality aspect is reviewed periodically
  • At Lotus only the finest quality needles are selected and customized for each surgical speciality and procedure
  • Mesh in various shapes and sizes are available, laser cut and double wrapped with DuPont Tyvek Paper
  • The earth is our only home - as it stands. Lotus feels responsible for the earth and the people who dwell on it
At Lotus Quality is never by accident - It’s by design, using Quality Management System(QMS).
Every quality aspect is reviewed periodically

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Lotus Surgicals

Complete range of Absorbable and Non-absorbable, Braided and Monofilament Sutures catering to every speciality, including cardiovascular and plastic surgery.

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