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Curved Cutter

ProSec® Curved Cutter is a single-use instrument used in colo-rectal procedures that require deeper access within the pelvis. Its unique curved head places 2 double staggered rows of staples and a curved blade cuts in between. Prosec® Curved Cutter allows for placement of a 40mm cutline in the width of a 30mm space with low pelvic access.

Ref. Code Description Length Staple Leg Length closed Staple Height
LPCC40G Curved Cutter 40mm 4.8mm 2.0mm

Distinctive Features:

    • Curved head enables deep pelvic access
    • Easier placement for better tissue manipulation
    • Ability to transect perpendicular to the rectum helps avoid a longer staple line
    • Less tissue movement for more controlled transection
    • Simultaneous stapling and cutting
    • Optimized staple formation




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