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Anti Slip Tru-Grip Surface with Tissue Gap Control

Delivers less tissue slippage during firing by controlling tissue movement Better mucosal capture leads to improved staple line integrity and leak resistance

Reinforced and Integrated I-Beam Design

Smooth tissue transaction in thick tissue application Enhances the parallel closing force and ensures B-shaped staple formation at the distal end of the stapler

Brand New Knife Blade in Each Firing

Sharp and smooth cut in each firing for uniform cut edge

Stepped Cartridge Face

Facilitates lateral diffusion of tissue fluids during clamping and firing Prevents the distal-end tissue from being squeezed out to ensure an effective stapling length

Variable Staple Heights from Inner to Outer

Allows greater perfusion into the staple line and outstanding performance in variable tissue thickness Improves tissue healing due to better vascularity to the cut edge

Ref. Code Product Description Staple Height (mm) Formed Height (mm) Port Size
LPETSR60PX 30mm Articulating Reload for Medium/Thick Tissue 3.0 / 3.5 / 4.0 1.5 - 2.25 12 mm
LPETSR60PX 60mm Articulating Reload for Medium/Thick Tissue      
LPETSR60KX 60mm Articulating Reload for Extra/Thick Tissue 4.0 / 4.5 / 5.0 2.25 - 3.0 15 mm


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