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ProSec® Hemorrhoid Stapler

ProSec®  Hemorrhoid Stapler is a single-use instrument used for a stapled hemorrhoidectomy, also known as stapled hemorrhoidopexy. The procedure involves the removal of abnormally enlarged hemorrhoidal tissue, followed by the repositioning of the remaining hemorrhoidal tissue back to its normal anatomic position.

Features and Benefits:

  • Quick-close adjusting knob allows rapid instrument open and close while maintaining controlled tissue compression.
  • 4 suture-threader ports allow easy retrieval of suture through instrument housing.
  • Clear anoscope reference makings provide enhanced visualization of the anatomy and precise placement of the purse-string sutures.
  • One-piece fixed anvil mitigates accidental detachment.
  • More staples for better hemostasis.
  • Available in 2 sizes : 32mm and 34mm diameter.
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