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Lotus a Foreword

Lotus a foreword

As an engineering / management professional with over 25 years’ experience in the Medical Device Industry, including the development of 7 facilities with Surgical Sutures as their primary product lines it gives me great pleasure to introduce Lotus Surgicals Pvt. Ltd.

Lotus’ ultra modern 60,000 square feet (5,574 square metres) facility in Dehradun, India is at par with the best of the Medical Device manufacturing facilities in the world. From the beginning, Lotus has been committed to creating a world-class manufacturing facility capable of delivering superior quality Sterile Medical Devices to domestic and international markets. In pursuit of this objective Lotus has spared no effort to select from the world market the highest quality manufacturing and testing equipment available. Unlike other competitors who typically utilize large Class 100,000 work areas, Lotus has chosen to create individual Class 10,000 Clean Rooms for the storage (critical components), preparation (sutures) assembly, packaging and sterilization of their products, as well as controlled warehouse and finished goods areas.

While competitors either ship their products to contract facilities for sterilization or have large EtO Sterilization Chambers for processing their products, Lotus has chosen to utilize a unique state-of-the-art 100% EtO Sterilizer from Anderson Sterilizer. This Sterilizer has the ability to process and monitor smaller individual lots and ensure better EtO distribution. It is also equipped with an Abator that neutralizes the discharged EtO into carbon dioxide and water prior to release, thus eliminating damage to the environment and EtO exposure risk to the operators. The facility is also equipped with a Quality Assurance Laboratory and a separate isolated Microbiological Laboratory. To ensure that the manufacturing operations are uninterrupted by power outages, the facility has been equipped with a 725 KVA generator equipped with an MTU engine (Mercedes Benz).

Lotus’ commitment did not stop with the facility and equipment. It has chosen to select only the highest quality raw material components (suture, needles, mesh, etc) from the world market for use in the manufacture of the products. In addition they have developed user-friendly packaging in consultation with DuPont, clearly identified to minimize the opportunity for error while maintaining sterility and product stability.

In conclusion, I have no hesitation in saying that Lotus, through dedicated ownership and joint commitment to quality, has raised the bar for the medical device industry in India and will occupy a prominent place in the world market in the years to come.


Scott Henderson
Lotus Surgicals Pvt Ltd

The best of manufacturing facility, raw material components and manpower
come under one roof at Lotus

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