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A medical device range at par with the best in the world

Lotus offers comprehensive range of surgical devices. We design, develop and manufacture our products using high ended technology under clean room conditions - and under the supervision of highly skilled personnel and qualified staff. Following facts throw light on our organization:

Why Us?

Our Vision

To have a global presence in the medical devices industry through innovation, research and development

Countries Presence
Our Mission

To manufacture high-quality medical devices consistently with an abiding concern for human life and deep regard for human values

Surgeons reach

The Lotus facility is an integrated manufacturing facility, producing finished products as well as primary finished packaging itself.

The Quality Management System (QMS) is developed to provide assurance that all systems are designed and implemented as per the standard norms.

The QMS is based on the following strong pillars:

The Quality Management System is reviewed periodically to keep it updated with any changes in practices. This will be driven by Quality Assurance and reviewed by the Management periodically.

Such an effective Quality Management System is the current thinking of the industry.

Beyond Business

The Good Earth

The ‘TONS’ river flowing quietly behind our plant is symbolic of our concern for the environment. This gentle brook is clear and devoid of effluents. Which, again, underlines our eco - friendliness.

As a corporate manufacturing high quality medical devices, Lotus’s responsibility extends far beyond its manufacturing activities. Which is why you’ll find that we not only have an abiding concern for the environment but also deep regard for the people in our community.

No wonder, all our equipment conform to the highest environmental standards, and the facilities for our employees are of the topmost order. We ensure proper training for our people in operations, safety and environmental matters.

We have installed a programme whereby their skills are constantly upgraded. More importantly, we have a strong affinity for the local populace and are providing employment opportunities to them.

"Fantastic experience, maintain the standards. Also quality is ensured. Keep it up. Nice and Informative visit."

Fr. Shibu Puthepurakal CMI
Associate Director

Amala Institute of Medical Sciences

"Amazing, neat and beautifully managed. I could see the human touch in our life, as surgeons start here."

Dr. TK Neelamekam

Apollo Hospitals


Frequently asked question

1) Does your company manufacture all varieties of sutures?

Yes, we do our range comprises of all Absorbable & Non absorbable sutures. In the category of Absorbable sutures we offer SOLUS® - Braided Coated Polyglycolic Acid, SOLUS-910® - Braided Coated [Polyglactin-910], SOLUS-910 AM+ - Braided Coated Poly(Glycolide-co-L-lactide) [Polyglactin-910] with Antibacterial Coating of Triclosan, SOLUS SWIFT-910® - Braided Coated Short-term [Polyglactin-910], MASS® - Poly(P-dioxanone) Monofilament, MONOLUS® - Poly(Glycolide-co-caprolactone) [Poliglecaprone 25], BARB-E - Poly(P-dioxanone) Monofilament barbed Unidirectional with End Loop suture. Range of Non absorbable sutures comprises Esterlus® – Braided Coated Polyester Suture, Silkus® – Black Braided Silk Suture, Prolus® – Blue Monofilament Polypropylene Suture, Nylus® – Black Monofilament Polyamide Suture, Stelus™ – Monofilament 316 L Stainless Steel Suture.

We are the first one to introduce peelable aluminium pouch for synthetic absorbable sutures

2) Do you clinically test sutures?

Yes, all our products are clinically evaluated as per MEDDEV 2.7/1:2016. Our products also follow the guide lines of International Manufacturing and Quality Standards—CE 2195 and EN ISO 13485:2016 from TUV SUD Product Service GmbH. We also have done the absorption studies for the natural and synthetic absorbable sutures. Gist of the study reports is available on request.

3) Do you have any certifications?

Yes, we have a slew of certifications such as TUV SUD Product Service GmbH Certificate EN ISO 13485: 2016 Certificate for Quality Management System and CE 2195 certification from SZUTEST for product excellence. Also we have certification from WHO and Frost & Sullivan Certifications for general excellence.

4) Are your certificates verifiable?

Yes they are. These certificates hosted on the company's website as PDF files can either be downloaded or printed.

5) Do you offer all varieties of suture needle pairing?

Yes, we do manufacture all types of suture-needle combo. The catalogue shows only those combinations that are commonly sold in the domestic market. However, all the above sutures from size 5 to size 10-0 & needle of length from 6mm to 90mm are offered by us.

6) What is the process of product sterilization and packaging?

We have succeeded in offering a sterilization solution that delivers precise moisture levels for effective sterilization and utilizing minimum quantity of EtO gas that is easy to recover at the end of the cycle. Our sterilization solution lies in a 100% EtO gas sterilizer.

In consultation with Dupont, USA we have developed custom developed hermetically sealed aluminium peel-off pouch for packaging the entire range of synthetic absorbable sutures. This is first of its kind in India. We also offer a vacuumed, nitrogen-flushed, secondary aluminium pouch that delivers dual moisture barrier that is capable of keeping up the tensile strength of the suture material for the entire duration of its shelf life offered in boxes Box of 12 and 36 sutures

7) In what surgeries do your sutures find application?

Our Sutures find application in all specialties, such as General, Orthopedic, Gynecology, Neurology, Urology, Cardio Vascular, Ophthalmic, Plastic and Oncology etc.

8) Do you offer third party brands for sutures in OEM ?

All products manufactured by us like Sutures, Meshes, Bonewax, Umbilical cotton tapes, Ligaclip etc. can be manufactured in OEM brand.

9) Is there a minimum order for sutures on OEM brands?

The Minimum Order Quantity for any specific OEM brand suture needle combination is 100 dozen.

10) Is there a simpler process for ordering smaller consignment?

We have an inventory of all the products as specified in the product catalogues - hosted in our website. Customers can order products from the inventory available. In the case of ordering from company inventory there are no minimum order quantity restrictions.

11) What is the product delivery schedule and minimum time for delivery?

Since we manufacture our own product range we have quick production cycle. Depending on the volume sutures are delivered in 30 - 45 days. Delivery is either by air/sea as specified by customer.

12) Please elaborate on your distribution policy in overseas markets?

Lotus Surgicals appoints distributors who release the products in the local market. We support the prospective distributor with samples for customer trials, documents for registration etc. After one year of continuous purchase the company facilitates the distributor to take part in local surgical conferences. All quotations are on FOB basis.

13) How do we participate in tenders?

The regular procedure is to offer samples & certificates for tender participation along with special quotes - depending on volume of tender inquiry.

14) What is the company's commercial terms & conditions?

The general rule followed by us is to send email to our clients the proforma invoice which gives the value of the products ordered. Freight charges by the airline is added to the FOB prices. Customers have to open L/C for all supplies of over USD 10,000. Payments below this value are to be paid in advance.

15) Do you follow competitive pricing structure for export markets?

We offer competitive prices. Our pricing structure is favorably accepted in European e.g. Germany, UK, etc. & rest of Global markets & compare well to multinational brands.